Project Scope Management entails the processes required to ensure that the audit project includes all the stages of the required works. This stage includes defining the project and identifying what needs to be completed during the works.

This stage defines the project and identifies what needs to be completed during the works.

This is very important to ensure that MAA clients receive the right level of auditing and get all the information they need, and in what format.

This might require some consultation to ensure we understand your needs, define this scope and can confirm everything we need to do.

For example:

  1. How much information do you need? Do you need a high level of detail in an audit program or just an overview of the level of compliance using an appraisal program?
  2. Do you require photos?
  3. Do you have data we can input into our systems to populate audit data?
  4. Can this data be exported back into your own systems?
  5. Do you need a report for each building, or do you just need the data sheets we collect?
  6. Can we apportion a risk to each, if so, can we agree on the method of assessment before commencement of the audit project?

Before commencement of any significantly sized audit program, we create a specific project plan that documents how the project scope will be defined, verified, controlled, and how the work will be defined and broken down into key stages.

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