MAA puts a lot of effort in ensuring that project stakeholders are considered during all stages of a project, from initial scoping of the project to the handover of the completed project.

Stakeholders within any project could come from far and wide, but each might have their own particular interest in the project, outcomes and reason why the project is even being undertaken.

There might be many individuals and organisations actively involved in the project (i.e. client, client’s employee, industry groups, and tenants), but there could be other stakeholders outside the project team who could be affected as a result of project execution or project completion (i.e. volunteer groups, community groups or other building user groups), and these stakeholders might be very interested in what is happening and why.

For typical audit programs, we maintain confidentiality in the delivery of a project. When on site, we take a neutral approach and only discuss what is specific to the project at hand (i.e. advising occupants of why we are there, who appointed us, and how long we will be onsite). Nothing further will be divulged to the occupants.

Key stakeholders on typical MAA audit program projects include:

  • Client: The person or organisation that has engaged MAA. There might be multiple layers of a client’s structure though and we will always liaise directly with the appointed project contact.
  • Client contact: The person responsible for overseeing the project within the client organisation.
  • MAA Project Manager: The person responsible for managing the project.
  • MAA consultants: The group that is performing the work of the project

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