MAA, as experienced project management practitioners, know that every project is unique and individual. So too, every client is unique and has different needs.

As such, there is no standard way to manage an audit project. Every audit program is different and for that reason, we always prepare an Audit Project Plan for significantly sized projects (being 20 buildings or more).

The Audit Project Plan considers all the relevant aspects of the project and applies project management knowledge, skills, and processes in different orders and degrees of rigour to achieve the required outcome for our client.

The Audit Project Plan is our written commitment to our clients and answers all the “what, where, why, how, when and for who” questions. The Plan considers many areas of management, that when combined using sound project management principles, will provide for a better outcome and a successful project. To do this, we adopt the principles of the internationally renowned A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK Guide).

PMBOK includes 9 Project Management Knowledge Areas, which we have adapted and include in a typical MAA Audit Program Plan.