Melbourne Access Audits (MAA) generally follows the advice provided by our industry body, the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) when preparing an audit program’s methodology and level of assessment. However, as a flexible and client-focussed firm, we can customise all our services to meet the needs of a client.

Levels of Assessment

In 2012, the ACAA released CATEGORIES OF ASSESSMENTS FOR ACCESSIBILITY A guide to the varying levels of analyses possible when assessing existing built environments for accessibility.

The Guide includes three levels of assessment:

  • Level 1 Appraisal Report – An indication of the probable level of accessibility.
  • Level 2 Appraisal with a limited detailed audit – An indication of the probable level of accessibility with a component of detailed auditing.
  • Level 3 Detailed Audit and Analysis – A highly detailed report of the level of accessibility, with all non-compliant features identified and catalogued with the explanation provided as to the basis for the particular finding.

Level 1 Appraisal – This is our MAA Level 1 Access Audit.

Scope of Analysis:

  • 1.1 – Generalised analysis referencing all relevant requirements/ codes/standards, as applicable
  • 1.2 – Commentary only highlighting significant areas of concern
  • 1.3 – Identification of examples of non-compliances supported by annotated plans and/or photographic material where appropriate


  • MAA Level 1 Access Audit Report on need for detailed auditing and analysis, optional prioritisation of concerns
  • Generalised recommendations for further investigations
  • Establishment of an informed detailed brief for such further studies
  • A basis for the preparation of preliminary rectification designs and cost estimates
  • Outline possible strategies for rectification action, which might include the preparation of a formal Action Plan
  • Identification of opportunities to use a Performance Solution to accept some existing conditions in the building (possibly with reliance on management controls)
  • General advice to achieve compliance in all aspects of the relevant building and disability legislation

Level 2 Appraisal with Limited Detailed Audit – This is our MAA Level 2 Access Audit.

Scope of Analysis:

  • 2.1 – As for Level 1
  • 2.2 – With the addition of detailed auditing and analysis of specific elements which are either predetermined by client instruction and/or brief prior to the commencement of the audit, or which are identified by the Level 1 process as being significant items of concern – refer to Level 3 for nature of such detailed investigations


  • As for MAA Level 1 Access Audit Report, plus
  • MAA Level 3 Access Audit Report level of detail for specific nominated items
  • Generalised or detailed recommendations for rectification works
  • Risk assessed for each identified issue
  • Applicable legislative reference provided for each non-compliance
  • General advice to achieve compliance in all aspects of the relevant building and disability legislation

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