An ‘Access Peer Review’ is conducted by an Accredited Access Consultant from MAA, and involves a review of a professional opinion, expert opinion, Performance Solution (Alternative Solution) or other report prepared by another Access Consultant.

The concept is comparable to the dual certification system used in structural engineering, and the peer review system used in fire engineering. This approach is accepted within Australia and overseas.

Access Peer Review 3

The Access Peer Review is conducted by an Accredited Member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia Inc.

The benefits of engaging an MAA consultant, who is an Accredited Member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia to undertake an Access Peer Review is to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. This is a small cost with great benefits to the project team and client.

An Access Peer Review helps to provide a second opinion during the building certification stage, confirming that the correct level of ‘required’ access is being provided and the relevant ‘Performance Requirements’ are met.

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