Disability and building legislation can sometimes be unclear when applied to different circumstances. Additionally, there are a number of concessions and exemptions that can be interpreted differently, dependent on the scenario. In some cases, this might not be crystal clear to the designers, building surveyor or other project stakeholders.

When situations like this arise, MAA can provide a Professional Opinion Report clarifying the disability access requirements and outlining the minimum access requirements from the BCA and Premises Standards.

MAA has provided many Professional Opinion Reports considering the exemptions available under Clause D3.4, when the use of the area or the nature of the work being undertaken would preclude a person with a disability from working in that area. Obviously, these reports are case-by-case and reliant on being informed of the descriptions of the roles of people working in each area.

Other common Professional Opinion Reports relate to how the concessions outlined in the Premises Standards and Building Interim Regulations 2017 (Regulation 116) are applied. These relate to existing accessible toilets, passenger lifts and lessee concessions in existing buildings where the ‘new part’ works have triggered a need to consider the upgrade of the ‘affected part’.

Whatever the disability access interpretation issue is, MAA can provide a clear and concise determination of the legislative requirements. Please contact our office to learn more.