Melbourne Access Audits (MAA) is part of the Egress Group. Our vision is to deliver expert advice, superior quality and access solutions that work.

Whilst Egress Group’s primary goal is to “is to spread awareness of universal design and accessibility” The decisions we make today, in design, furnishings and fit-out affect people for the coming decades. We, therefore, need to consider universal design and accessibility at all stages of a building’s life.

Mission Statement

MAA aims to be the best in the access consulting industry, with performance that stands out from our competitors by:

  • Demonstrating and promoting an inclusive approach to the built environment
  • Working with our clients to achieve practical solutions
  • Using quality systems to deliver consistent reports
  • Adopting a project delivery model to manage audit programs,  which focuses on:
    • Confirming scope, expectations, and deliverables
    • Communications with stakeholders
    • Reducing risks
    • Managing resources, such as time and human resources
    • Integration of data with client databases and facility management systems

Our Values

Egress Group has developed and adopted the SPARKIE principles, which outlines the core principles by which MAA are guided by:

  • S: We are socially aware, and take on corporate responsibility at a local and global level
  • P: We take great pride in our work
  • A: We are accountable for our actions
  • R: We respect others, regardless of their views, abilities or beliefs
  • K: We strive to be knowledgeable and influential, in terms of universal design and accessibility within the built environment
  • I: We encourage innovation
  • E: We continually adapt, develop and improve, and expect to achieve excellence in everything we do

Melbourne Access Audits (MAA) operates under the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) Code of Ethics. A copy of this Code is available for download from this website.