AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities

AS 3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities coverAS 3745 applies to buildings, structures or workplaces occupied by people. It is not referenced in the BCA and Premises but is applicable under health and safety legislation.

AS 3745 considers people with disability and says that evacuation arrangements for PWD shall be considered including all occupants and visitors, who may for any reason, require assistance during an emergency.

It includes the following:
(a) The formation, purpose, responsibility and training of the emergency planning committee.
(b) Emergency identification.
(c) The development of an emergency plan.
(d) The development of emergency response procedures.
(e) The establishment, authority and training of an emergency control organization.
(f) The testing and validation of emergency response procedures.
(g) Emergency related training.

This Standard does not cover facility operational incidents, community disaster management, business continuity, security management or major environmental impacts beyond the facility.

This Standard applies to buildings, structures or workplaces occupied by people, with the exception of Class 1a buildings as defined in the Building Code of Australia, unless that dwelling is also used as a workplace.
This Standard does not attempt to over-ride legislative obligations in providing for the safety of occupants and visitors in facilities.

It does, however, provide guidance for the planning and implementation of effective emergency planning committee (EPC) and emergency control organization (ECO) procedures, covering emergency situations up until the appropriate Emergency Service arrives to manage the situation, at which time, the ECO shall work in conjunction with that service.

The emergencies referred to in this Standard do not exclusively represent the likely range of emergencies that may occur in a facility. The range of specific emergencies shall be identified for each facility.

A copy of AS 3745 can be sourced from the SAI Global website.