AS/NZS 2890.6:2009 Parking facilities – Off-street parking for people with disabilities

ASNZS 2890.6 2009  Parking facilities - Off-street parking for people with disabilities

AS/NZS 2890.6 prescribes the requires for the provision of off-street parking facilities for people with disabilities during new building works and is referenced in the BCA and Premises Standards.

Designs for parallel and angled accessible spaces are detailed, with a shared area to the side, kerb ramp locations, height clearances, yellow line marking, International Symbol of Access and bollard in the shared area of angled spaces.

The following is a summary of the requirements of AS/NZS 2890.6:

  • Angled parking spaces are to be 2400mm wide x 5400mm long.
  • A 2400mm wide x 5400mm long shared area is to be provided on one side of accessible angle parking space.
  • The dedicated space and shared area are to be on the same level.
  • A bollard is to be provided at the 800mm from the roadside end of to the shared area.
  • We recommend the bollard at a height of 1300mm high in a highly contrasting colour and finish.
  • All line marking must be yellow only around the accessible car parking space and shared areas.
  • Pavement markings and car parking areas are to be non-slip.
  • All accessible parking spaces to be identified by a white International Symbol of Access between 800mm and 1000mm placed on a blue rectangle with no side more than 1200 mm in the centre of the space between 500mm and 600mm from the entry point.
  • Line marking is to be unbroken lines 80mm to 100mm wide on all sides except any side delineated by a kerb, barrier or wall.
  • The height clearance from the car park entrance to all accessible parking spaces is to be a minimum 2200mm.
    The headroom above each accessible parking space and the adjacent shared area is to be a minimum of 2500mm (but this may be reduced above the bonnet area to allow for ductwork, pipes, bulk-heads or the like).
  • Parallel parking spaces are to be not less than 3200mm wide x 7800mm long.
  • A shared area adjacent to the non-trafficked side of the dedicated parallel parking space is to be not less than 1600mm wide by 7800 mm long.
  • Kerb ramps are to be provided when required.
  • The car parking areas are to comprise a firm plane surface with a gradient not exceeding 1:40 in any direction (or 1:33 if a bitumen surface and the area is outdoors).

A copy of AS/NZS 2890.6 can be sourced from the SAI Global website.