BCA Volume 1 Amendment 1 CoverNCC 2016, Building Code of Australia (BCA) Volume One Amendment 1 is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures throughout Australia, which allows for variations in climate and geological or geographic conditions.

Volume One Amendment 1 contains the requirements for Class 2 to 9 (multi-residential, commercial, industrial and public) buildings and structures.

The Disability Access provisions of the BCA are prescribed in Part D3, Clause E3.6 and Clause F2.4.

DSAPT requirements for public transport buildings are prescribed in BCA Part H2

It is also important to note that the BCA is a performance-based document, and as such there are three forms of meeting compliance with the BCA Performance Requirements:

  • A Performance Solution; OR
  • A Deemed-to-Satisfy approach following the prescriptive requirements of Part D3, Clause E3.6 and Clause F2.4; OR
  • A combination of the two

ABCB NCC 2016, NCC BCA Volume 1 Performance Requirements